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    Hey yall,
    We are getting rid of our avid sc48 and replacing it with a Avantis. I am just wondering if getting the PRIME 32 bit input/output cards are worth it?
    Id do 1 dx32 with all inputs
    and another dx32 with all outputs (we have 8 stereo IEM, plus LR/subs)

    vs getting 1 gx4816 plus 1 dx168

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    I have mixed with both. And I can say the Prime pre’s do sound amazing. The test I did had me swapping it with dlive pre’s (same as DX4816 from what I understand). All the musicians even commented they liked it better. Now all this is totally subjective.

    I would say it’s only worth it if your entire signal chain will justify it. Putting that great signal into a bad PA or low end in-ears probably wont result in a transformative experience.

    Mixing with them was much easier to me. Transients just hit that much better. Imaging is that much more clear. And that better input just made the whole chain feel like it had to work less. But no doubt that comes at a cost.


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    Thank you Jason! your words are much appreciated it and very wise.
    Our signal chain is pretty good. We have an l-acoustics A-series line array and most of our band is on custom UE ears. We are a church, so some of our band is volunteers but the paid people all have good ears.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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