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    Hi guys
    This is not the correct place for this as I didnt want to start a fress OP
    However Im curious to know what the mix board/computer on the right in this image is?
    Can anyone enlighten me?
    I looked all A & H site.. ?

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    Microsoft Surface

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    hmmm ok?
    Where can I get a microsoft surface with 8 physical faders?
    Are you having me on?

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    The screen is a tablet, the control surface is a new motorised fader bank which will apparently release with v1.3 – as I understand from a Facebook forum user who is at Infocomm, up to 8 of these motorised faderbanks can be chained and operated off the TCP-IP connection on either the rack or the surface… exciting development!!!

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    It seems like the Dlive equivalent of the PL-A net controllers from the iLive series. The photo just looks confusing because there’s a tablet sitting on top of it.


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    Yes! Exciting!
    TCP/IP mmm
    Do you think this will be made available across all platforms? QU range included?
    and link-able from each other?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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