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    I am looking for a way to have an independent FX for my in-ear monitors (AUX). The amount of FX for each input channel should be independent from the main mix. Changes to the main mix should not affect the FX of the monitors.

    In my current setup I have a dedicated FX (reverb) for the monitors. The FX return is only routed to the monitors and not to the main mix. My problem is that the amount of signal going from the input channels to the FX send is affected by the main fader. If we change the level of for example the lead singer on the FoH, also the amount of effect going to the monitor is increased. This is not desired since the level of the lead singer does not change for the monitors because they are pre-fader.

    Any suggestions?

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    One option you have would be to set the FX bus of your IEM to also be pre-fader.

    How many spare channels do you have? Another option would be to duplicate the channels that need reverb onto spare channels, and unroute these spare channels from LR. This is somewhat akin to having a dedicated monitor desk.

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    I have a post here that describes how I do it:

    Reverb in Mons from FOH


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    Thanks Chris, I didn’t spot that topic. Nice explanation and I will definitely give it a try.

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