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    Thanks A&H for this great sounding desk! I had loads of fun testing the SQ6, but I miss some key features. Before the SQ I had a Midas M32R and I was quite happy with it, but the workflow and user friendly approach brought me to A&H.
    There are features like assigning PAFL or coloring strips that have been mentionend before, which would be nice, but i want to write about the changes i’d like to see that would make the desk for me really outstanding.
    1. RTA: Almost every modern console or DAW features a sofisticated frequency analyzer, that is wether built in a eq or assignable to all channels/busses. The SQ only has one 31 Band analyzer with no options available.
    2. Multiband Comp/De-Esser: A four band multiband would be great, because in a live environment you have to deal with dynamic changes all the time and if multiband isnt possible, i’d at least need a good de-esser.
    3. Insert Kill Switch: Sometimes I work with a native plugin system and if that fails i have to take out all the inserts manually. so please give us a emergency softbutton!
    4. Show/Scene: Its kind of annoying that stereo configs are stored in the show and not in the specific scene. especially when using it as a quick way for mixing multitrack recordings, i have to reconfigure all the stereo channels as well as the LR-MS options.
    5. Processing: I like how the affected processing page pops up on a digico console when you turn an encoder. currently on the sq when mixing live i have to press
    SEL-(PROS)-PREAMP-GATE-EQ-COMP for editing one channel, just to see what i’m doing. An option for Pop Up woulkd be awesome!

    I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Updates! I’ve heard a lot of good things about you guys @A&H, so please don’t make me regret selling my old desk. 😉
    Thank You!

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    Ah and not to forget more possibilities for the sq app. I need to be able to tune the FXs on my Ipad.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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