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    Hello guys,

    I’m wondering how to use this forum in a proper way… I have several feature suggestions. Should I do one topic for every feature, so a “+1” makes sense? Or put all in one?
    Wouldn’t it make sense to have someone who categorise/summarise the suggestions, and have like a voting system, where every user has one vote?
    Because I find this forum a little confusing and chaotic. There are probably already dozens of topics for the same feature request out there, right?

    Keith – what do you think?


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    I also suggested a voting/tracking system for feature requests but received a no from A&H a few months back. Best option at present is one suggestion per thread so users can do the +1 replies..

    Note to A&H: when you setup the feature requests system, allow each user to prioritize between suggested features. Each user might be allowed maximum number of up votes, or they might be able to sort from most desired to least. More meaningful than just +1’ing suggestions that tickle their fancies..!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi alli,

    Unfortunately having a voting system could actually annoy a lot of users here – for example, if everybody voted for a feature that was not possible, or took a long time to implement.
    It would definitely need some serious thought to make it work correctly and fairly, plus, whilst this is one of the main sources for feature requests, it is not the only one, so all the other suggestions from outside of the forum would need to be included somehow.
    @jakethepeg – nice idea, which would make users more aware that development of one feature means another has to wait!

    The best way at the moment is definitely to use the search function, and then if there is nothing similar, to create separate topics, to allow ‘+1’s and discussion on each.
    If there is something similar, then it is best to add to the thread, as we do get conflicting suggestions every so often.


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    Side note: the forums have a “Like” button right next to REPLY (the giant abstract thumbs up), which could be easier for reading through posts with content instead of scrolling through +1’s.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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