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    I do the sound for a blues band tonight (Kings night in the Netherlands) and the owner of the venue asked me to set up a speaker at the second floor so, with the window open, people outside can hear that there is a band playing. It would be nice to have the front of house sound on this speaker so I don’t have a special “upstairs mix” on mix4.

    Is it possible to route only both L and R to mix4 and have the FOH sound on the upstairs speaker or is there another solution directly on the table or with QU-pad. I read the manual but I can’t figure out how to do this. I seem to miss something if it comes to routing. Thanks in advance.

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    mr. y-mun

    You can go with patch cables form alt out to st1 or st2 inputs. These you can integrate into your mix 4 then.

    Not the perfect solution as it means external patching. Anyway it should work.

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    Just use the Alt out set for LR.

    Otherwise. Set all Mix 4 faders to 0 and post fader. Then Mix 4 will just follow your main mix.

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    Which desk? On Qu24/32 you have matrix outputs for exactly that case. But if that additional feed should be an exact LR duplicate, using AltOut would work as splitter cables do…

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    Note that alt out are balanced, you just need a jack to XLR cable or a jack input upstairs.

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