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    I am new to Allen & Heath products, so if I have missed some documentation, please point me to it.

    I am researching audio boards for our church and I am interested in the QU-32. However, it seems odd to me that the built-in recording feature only records 18 tracks. Presonus claims that the StudioLive will not only record all 32 tracks to an SD card, but also can use the tracks for sound check.

    1. Will the QU-32 be updated to support recording on all 32 tracks? If so, when?
    2. If not, what alternatives do we have for recording all 32 tracks? I can’t count on using a computer for recording; this may push me away from the QU-32.

        Thanks for your insight.

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    All of the QU models are restricted to recording 18 tracks via the QU drive facility, if you wish to record all 32 the only other option is to either connect to a PC or Mac via the USB port on the rear or another external recording device.

    There will be no chance of the QU being able to record all 32 channels via QU drive as I think it may be a hardware limitation?


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    Lee7 is correct!
    You can record all 32 tracks to your computer easily. USB B [USB 32 X 32] I would always suggest using the greatest latency [within your DAW software as you choose] as you know it is for working on later…. rather in the now as in a studio scenario
    The QU32 always sends… and receives 32 channels of USB 2.
    With regards to USB QU drive. I’m sure you can record selectively the tracks or channels you want to record on to those 18 channels.? [within the settings] Apologies I don’t have a qu in front of me.
    It’s a great desk. I’ve owned 5 of them at one time.
    The memory stick I have always used is as per the attached pic.

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    Yes, you can patch any of the 18 channels that you want to send to the QU Drive for recording, but only 18 sadly.

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