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    So exciting day, my new SQ6 gets delivered today! But only about an hour before I leave for a gig. Just time to check firmware & get the tube preamps going I hope!

    So, shall I plan to take it with me and use it, or am I going to end up looking like a fool trying to get things patched in in a way that works for me? I’m very familiar with the Qu series, having got my first one almost as soon as they became available.

    Does the SQ come with a default patch that’s useable out of the box, or will I find that nothing’s patched in or assigned? Will all the channel strips be empty?

    I don’t need it for tonight’s gig, a Qu will do he show fine, and I’ll take one with me whatever, but I would like to start using the SQ if I can.

    What do you think?

    <Goes away to read manual – again>

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    Hi MarkPAman,

    by default Input 1-48 is provided on the Chanelfaders 1-48 (devided in the first layers). So with SQ-6 Layer A and B. Futher the Auxes, Grps, FX Sends etx follows on the next Faders/Layers. For for all of those you have a direct access.

    For having a quick input patch scenario go to I/O Page by pressing I/O Button -> then press Input in the left side menu -> press Library Button and choose the input source you have available (local, slink …).
    -> confirm and the inputs are directly assigned in the I/O page.

    Outputs needs to be assigned to the correct target manually (what makes sense).

    If you have special expectations like the behavior of the PAFL Bus you need to set this manually for sure.

    Having audio with SQ takes only a couple of minutes 🙂
    Easy to use like you are used to do with QU.

    Hope this helps


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    Thanks very much Sascha. That’s exactly the sort of answer I was after!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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