How Do I Set Post Preamp Dante Sends for Recording, but have post delay for FOH?

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    I’m using a GLD-80 with an AR2412 D-Snake, using Mains for my FOH, and Mono Auxes for my monitors. I’m also using a Dante card to record multitracks. I need the Dante multitracks to be post preamp, so any EQ etc doesnt affect the recordings, but still have the Inputs to the Mains and Auxes be Post Delay, so I can EQ and compress etc at source. How do I set this? Thank you.

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    I’d assume you would set the dante recording outputs to be direct out. You can set the direct out takeoff point GLOBALLY (not per channel) There is a “dir out src” popup at the bottom of the routing screen on any input channel.

    FOH always takes post delay output.

    Auxes can be set individually. On the routing tab of the aux processing there is a drop down which can select post
    Ins Ret

    Hope this helps.

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    Can I change the Auxes to be post delay as well and still have post preamp for dante? also HOW do i do this (as in which buttons where) thanks for the help

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    The direct out pick off point is entirely separate from the aux send pick off points.

    To change the pick off point for an aux, select the aux, open the “routing” tab inside “processing” and choose what you want from the drop-down on the right.


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    Awesome thank you. So just to clarify the Direct Out Source found in the routing page of individual channels is for the I/O?

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    You can connect an I/O output channel to one of a number of sources. These include the outputs of any groups, auxes, maatrices, Main, PAFL, FX I/O port inputs, Wedge, IEM and USB Play, and crucially for your purposes…

    Direct Out or Input Sockets.

    Direct OUT, as has been described above takes the signal from the assigned input channel using the GLOBAL take off point assignment as described.

    Input Sockets takes the signal directly from the input socket, which is then post preamp, but pre trim and polarity. Effectively equivalent to patching the input coming into the mixer to the output (bearing in mind that the preamp is physically in the stage box).

    So if you want all your I/O outputs from input channels to be post preamp you might as well just set the globall direct out takeoff point to “post preamp” and then assign each input as “Direct out”. However, if you want some to have some other take off point, e.g. Post PEQ, then you could set direct out to post-PEQ and assign those outputs to “direct out”, while assiging the remaining outputs to “input channels” which would effectively be post-preamp. Note that in this case you have no additional control over the level. Whereas if you use direct out, you can trim the level sent to the direct out on a per channel basis

    What you CAN’T do is have some post-preamp, some post PEQ, some post Comp, and some post HPF (say). That is a limitation of the global nature of the direct out takeoff point assignment.

    However, as has been described, the take of point of auxes is set individually per aux, so if you had auxes to spare and you absolutely had to have some combination of takeoff points as above, you could..

    Use input channels for all the ones you wanted post preamp,
    direct out for the majority that wanted some other takeoff point (e.g. post PEQ) – setting up direct out accordingly
    and then on an individual channel basis set up an aux assigned to that channel with whatever takeoff point you want.

    Clearly if you want to keep the channels seperate you would need a seperate aux for each channel, but of course if you wanted to feed the sum of more than one input channel to the aux you could do that too. But remember that the aux takeoff point is per mix, not per channel so you couldn’t combine the inputs from different takeoff points into a single aux.

    Hope that clarifies the situation.

    An inspection of the system block diagram is often helpful in cases like this.

    So just to return to your original question. The simplest way to set up what you want would be.

    Set the global direct out to be post preamp by going to the routing tab of any input channel and pulling up the DIR OUT SRC popup, and setting that to post preamp (I think it defaults to that anyway).

    If you want any channels level to be anything other than the default 0dB (relative) you can set that using the fader in the routing tab of each individual channel.

    Now assign each of your input channels in the I/O output page to “direct out”.

    For your AUXs, go to the routing page of each aux, and check that the drop down on the right is set to “post delay”, then in the I/O output page assign the auxes to the output channels you want.

    And finally in the I/O output page assign main to the channels you want.


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    Thats really helpful thank you!! I also know have a better understanding of how it all works – so thanks again!

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