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    This is something I’ve struggled with today, and I cannot seem to get this work.

    I have SQ mixer connected to my Macbook Pro via USB, the sound plays from USB into my mixing headphones just fine. But what I have noticed that if I used SQ as an input, it always sends back full mix (including the USB sound). I tried different ways to send a custom mixes into USB but so far no avail – it’s always the Main LR that gets routed in.

    Is there a way to control what gets routed into the USB mix (Let’s say AUX1 or Mix1 instead of MainLR)?

    Note – I can pick separate channels to record in Logic pro, that’s not a problem.

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    The SQ has a 32×32 channel USB interface.
    You can freely route any SQ channels to USB using the ‘I/O > Outputs’ screen by selecting ‘USB’ at the top of the patching grid then choosing an output on the left hand side (direct outs, mix outs, rack FX or monitor outs).
    It’s also possible to route any of the 32 returning signals from USB to input channels or mix external inputs using the ‘I/O > Inputs’ screen.

    By default, returning channels 1&2 are patched to stereo input processing channel 47&48 which is also labelled ‘USB’.
    Also by default, the LR mix is patched to USB outputs 1&2 (so it’s quick and easy to make a stereo recording), and direct outs 3-32 are patched to matching USB outputs.

    So to send a custom mix (an Aux) to USB 1&2, you just need to patch that Aux to the USB output sockets you’re recording in Logic using the ‘I/O > Outputs > Mix Out’ screen with USB output sockets selected at the top.

    Check out the reference guide for more info –,-361,573


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    Hi @keithjah, thanks, I think that was the missing link – I got the AUX mix done but could not understand where to route it in USB output. I’ll give it a try later in a day and let you know if this worked well. Fingers crossed!

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