Help please? Is a "GLD-AR2412" compatible with QU-32?

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    Hi. I have had a QU-32 mixer for over a year and used it with analog snakes, never used the dSnake port before. Purchased a used “GLD-AR2412″ yesterday and hooked it up to the QU-32 with a CAT6 cable with plain RJ45 connector (no ethercon) of 24” or so cable length. The mixer sees the AR unit’s 24 ins and 12 outs and has them assigned 1 to 1 as per the documentation. The dSnake logo shows up on the routing menu for dSnake in and out screens. The yellow light flashes on the AR, the yellow light I believe flashes on the mixer dSnake jack plate. But I get no signal through headphones nor signal present light action or meter bounce on the channel in testing, unless I plug the same mic and cable directly into the QU channel 1 or 2- then everything works fine. Tried it through several scenes previously created. No muting on channels tested, they work fine on a direct plug in to the QU. When I unplug dSnake cable the routing screens go away..When plugged back in, they come back on/available.

    Is my problem in not having an ethersound quality cable? Or?

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    Oh, forgot to cover – the AR2412 unit has “GLD-AR2412” printed right on the unit on the back and front panels. But I see nothing on the Allen & Heath web site about

      mixer specific

    AR2412 units. Unit is the purple color, not black. All I see in my hours looking at other posts is that QU’s won’t load thru the latest firmware, while GLD mixers will update the AR through the mixer. So I could have non-compatible products? or just an inadequate ethernet cable?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Page 17.

    Please read the manual. It can save you from hours of frustration.

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    Did you go into the input section and set to channels to dSnake? Not Local? That is a must. I’ve used the Qu32 with purple AR-2412 and 084 for years.

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    Just a thought, input selection is one of the things that is saved and recalled with scenes (unless filtered).

    Did you recall a scene before testing? You may have put them all back to local without realising.

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    Input selection is the issue here – 99% certainty.

    Need to tell the mixer to use the dSnake inputs – there is no GLD/QU/SQ difference between the boxes. But the old (purple) ones were GLD marked since the QU/SQ didn’t exist

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