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    Hi all,

    I know it may seem a bit strange to compare an analog desk (GS-R24M) with the QU-32, but …

    Since 2011, I looked at the GS-R24M and now I am endly ready to buy it.

    Currently I work with an analog Mackie 24/8. (8 bus series). My goal is to improve the sound quality. I produce electronic music.

    I was quite ready to buy the A&H GS-R24M, but the QU-32 seems also a good opportunity to switch to digital.

    Live is not my concern. Indeed, I am only interested by studio work. Considering the difference of price (around 4000 euros), I prefer to ask before buying …

    I read on this forum, that the sound of an old analogue Midas was better (more depth) than a QU series, so just wondering if some could give their inputs …

    If you have been able to test both GS-R24M and QU series, it would be perfect, but any comparison with an analogue desk will be ok.

    For me, the workflow is important, but the sound quality remains the 1st factor to consider.

    Thanks for any answers,




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    It really is a personal choice.
    I use both
    ITB verses OTB?
    I don’t think you can compare the 2 mixers.
    People buy the GSR24M for a variety of reasons
    Summing OTB with the ability to be able to insert into channels your favorite piece of gear you would buy the GSR
    The ability to quickly get everything going maybe (from scratch) the QU
    If you are coming from a Mackie IMO I think the QU is …..
    The GSR24M is ….. and has valves.
    I don’t think the GSR is meant or designed to be moved around like the QU

    There is not a lot of talk on here about the GSR. however there is on Gearslutz

    hope I have helped

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    Thanks dhak for your precise answer.

    You use both desks? so you may be maybe answer my question about sound quality? I read on another thread here that when recording via a computer the very low end (below 80Hz) is filtered (reduced). I will use that desk only for studio use (no move) and for me sound quality is the first factor, so when I read things like this 80Hz filtering, I dont think it is the way to go full digital for me.
    I am definitely an OTB passionate with hardware lexicon reverbs, spl preamps and so on (although I am also crazy about uad audio plugins 🙂 … so I can not say I come with nothing … If I had no hardware, the QU series will be perfect, that’s true …

    Could you please fill the ….. ? I really need your position compared to the Mackie

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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