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    Dont You find on all A&H consoles that groups are painfully cluttered ,it shows all your input volumes on faders even when not in the group, i find this infuriating.Is there a way this can be fixed ? i was hoping this desk wasn’t going to have this issue, even more annoying after spending money on the desk and add ons.surely this would not be hard to implement.This is the only thing i think that this desk really failed on. You only want to see faders you want to add into a group not everything else, even if its going to L&R.

    When using other Mix’s such as Aux or Mix you dont get all the other faders in the Mix, it makes no sense at all to do this on groups.

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    Maybe you don’t understand how groups are working?

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    Do you confuse groups and DCAs?
    You can set up a DCA per each group with identical members like the respective group and spill on that.
    Then your fader layout will change.
    Obviously this procedure has it’s limits,
    so probably SteffenR is right.

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    I don’t understand your problem. I have been using A&H digital mixer for 20 years and can’t see what you are on about.

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    Hi Jason,
    I think you misunderstood Something.

    Best Regards,

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    Mike C

    Maybe post a picture of what your looking at.

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