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    So it started when we turned it on and the screen was white and no other light on the mixer showed (light on power is blue, but light on ready is not showing) Before that some settings were getting lost so it had to be the battery. We quickly found out that the battery on the motherboard was gone so me and my father in law, who is an incredible service man but never worked with A&H, opened it up and changed the battery. We measured the old one and it was really without power, and the new one had 100% so it was certainly working.Then, following the instructions on the forum, we used the dvi output for an external screen and the output for the keyboard because it said on this forum that you have to change bios settings, but when we turned the mixer on again nothing changed. There were no lights on the mixer, the screen was still white and the mixer sent no output to the screen (blue for power on, and green for ready off)

    So I am writing to you if maybe you have some suggestions on what we can do next.
    The mixer has no warranty (it is gone since December 2019) and the only authorized service for our region is in another country so that is not an option.

    I am actually searching for better instructions how the dvi/vga outputs are connected, because there are three of them and I only tired the dvi one, because I didn’t have female vga cable at home. And I am also wondering after you change the battery and the screen remains white,did the other lights on the mixer turn on for the others with the same issue?

    Thank u for your answers 🙂

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    HI, a had the same problem but it was not on a GLD but on the older ILive T112. There was only one VGA output on these models and when i connected a monitor/keyboard/mouse to it and started i could log into the bios ( F2 or something simmilar) to change the video resolution to 600*480 i think. saved with F10 and restarted an the onboard screen got immage again. Be sure to set your external display to auto select video resolution. I don’t remember if mine had lights at startup but find it strange that your board does not start up with lights because the dispaly resolution has nothing to do with the other systems.

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    Thank you for your answer. I fixed it on Monday. In the end I didn’t need the external monitor because bios restarted on the one that came with the mixer. I used the dvi port anyway and the picture came to both screens (internal and external).
    But our mixer did not work after changing the battery so we had to move two jumpers on the motherboard as well. BIOS recovery jumper & System Power-on jumper. I had some problems with the later because it only has 3 pins and it is hard to say which two are front and what is supposed to be the back. But comparing it to the other elements on the board helped so I think it works in the default position now.

    I am also attaching the picture if someone has the same problem in the future 🙂

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