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    The ALWON Jumper bypasses the battery incase of failure.–s2-
    Page 61
    I curious what would happen if you just used the jumper and didn’t replace the battery. Something else seems to be going on here and I’m not sure what it is.

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    Chadd, I just rearranged the jumper today – everything worked. It took a little longer to load, possibly due to a disconnected lan wire. The time and date were reset, at first glance this is all, I haven’t looked at it in detail yet. The layers of the show are all in place. I have GLD112-inside there everything is the same with 80.

    Many thanks to all those who found this simple solution! And a huge minus in the karma of developers!

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    Adriaan Botha

    Hi Guys,

    I’m having the same problem on my GLD-80, but sometimes the screen even has coloured lines on it (please see example). My biggest issue is that my SBC looks different to the one in the examples, hence I cannot find the correct jumpers to start troubleshooting, bios recovery, etc.

    Has anyone had the same problem? Is this perhaps an earlier version of the desk?

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    I suspect the bios to have an “auto start on power” setting which tells the main board to boot whenever power is present. A drained battery may cause that option to be “forgotten” due to the loss of battery voltage.
    Seems to me that the jumper is that setting in hardware form. Not to override a battery check.


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    Adriaan; Our GLD 80 at church has that same SBC. Ours is a chrome edition, so from that perspective I would think it is a later version. No idea if yours is a chrome edition or not though. Ours gets those coloured lines while it is booting up as well, but doesn’t seem to affect it otherwise so I can’t help you there.

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    I’m really glad this thread exists. Thanks to all who figured this out and wrote out instructions! The instructions posted by Mawo on the first page were absolutely perfect!

    In my case, I had an older motherboard than the datasheets that were linked. So I managed to find the right one:

    The jumper on my board was also already set to the correct position, however it still refused to boot with the dead battery. I figured why change it when it appears to be fine after a battery replacement.

    My next time opening this board, I plan to pull a block level image of the SSD and see if I can replace it with a much larger capacity SSD. I’m really concerned about the 2gb SSD write cycle limit. A 32gb or 64gb SSD will have a much better write cycle, even if data is only taking up 2gb. Then I can do a factory reset of the board and have a clean image of an SSD. I doubt that Allen-Heath would provide us with a new image or SSD, especially since this board is EOL. But I’ve been wrong before.

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    Mark McFarlane

    I just wanted to thank everyone for contributing to this thread. I was having intermittent boot stalls (white screen) maybe every 10th reboot on my purple GLD 112 (purchased new in 12/2023). In my situation, the console would refuse to boot BUT after power cycling it always booted.

    My GLD uses the second ‘motherboard’ mentioned in this thread, the D3003. FWIW, the Always On (ALWON) jumper was set at the factory to the “Forced Power On” setting, so I just popped in a new battery and the system booted fine.

    Time will tell if my intermittent boot problem has been fixed. I really appreciate everyone sharing their experiences.

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    Thanks to everyone who contributed. I changed the battery and the jumpers and everything is working now. Although I created another small problem. When I was removing the Torx 8 screws from the case, some fell and I lost 1 of them. It’s bugging me to be missing 1 screw in the case. Does anyone know the exact size or screw used? Would love to replace it.

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