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    Hi Allen&Heath developers (Nicola)

    I do understand that development focus is on dLive and if I would have money and work for it… I would buy the Lovely desk.

    I am pretty happy with the GLD for now. Small footprint, weight is all pro GLD vs dLive. So we are at 1.51 for some time now. Are there plans for a new update with new features ? Or is this it ?

    There are still some items on my wishlist and some are easy to implement in my opinion..
    * pre-amp ganging (pad/gain only)
    * relative pan ganging (yamaha style)
    * more stereo channels possibility (would like to have 4)
    * a FX distortion to get more bite (the rotary drive on steriods)
    * music player that can play from a USB directory
    * waterfall screen like Qu (boy toy)
    * ipad app with metering screen (like Qu)
    * ipad app with fx config support
    * GLD-You app on iphone/android
    * softbuttons that can play/pause music player
    * scene safe for FX send / Aux Send split up (they are bound together now)
    * RTA in group channel show group audio in stead of master or PFL audio. That is confusing !
    * audio level meter/indication on a DCA
    * all audio metering levels pre/post fader option in settings
    * Latch option for ALT button

    Please inform me/us on future plans with GLD and keep up the good work.


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    Based on the 2014-2015 firmware schedule, I would be surprised to see a GLD firmware update before Q2 of 2016 – especially since the last update had significant features (“chrome,” AMM, new FX, new comps). We’re on track for an annual update at this point.

    Even with A&H’s focus on dLive, I would be shocked if either the GLD or QU are close to end-of-life. They were both refreshed with “Chrome” editions within the last year, which I would expect equates to no less than 5 more years of support. I could be wrong, but that would seem fair. Having that confirmed by A&H would always be appreciated. I won’t hold my breath though.

    I am likewise happy with the GLD product line. Our system is in use fairly regularly and our clients have been very satisfied. I have a wish list as well, which has been shared in other threads. Aside from my top requests (ducking, downward expansion, pop groups, dedicated trim for stereo recording, and updated GLD-app), I am also interested in several of your suggestions:

    * relative pan ganging (yamaha style)
    * audio level meter/indication on a DCA
    * Latch option for ALT button

    Thanks for sharing.

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    iLive has been updated with dLive, GLD is the next and then Qu follows. That’s just my guess.

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    I think the product line is set pretty well right now. From my dealer point of view we have the models and price points to compete well.

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    It has been a year now since the last update. (1.51).

    I am still hoping for some bugfixes and new functionality as it is also done in de Qu series.

    Can anybody from A&H clarify the roadmap for GLD series ? If this is it, I will still use the GLD but for a new console I will check out other manufacturers as well.


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    GLD needs a refresh.

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    Is there anything in particular you want?

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    We all have different requirements and wishes, these are mine and i believe that they can be implemented within the existing hardware.
    A software update with
    – Ducker.
    – DCA Spill.
    would be nice.

    Then comes hardware update wishes for the next purchase, can we see a gen2 facelift maybe?
    – 2 dSnake ports.
    – More inputs on the back of surface.
    – Compressor and gate indication diods on the surface.
    – More busses then 30/20 maybe 40/30.
    – More inputs 56 mon and 8 stereo would be a nice and take a step up from the QU

    I think that the GLD is a nice tool and fits well into the product line. With some improvement like mentioned above it must have many ear still be the dlive little brother.

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    Hardware wish list for next gen GLD:

    1. USB audio interface built in. Spend over $1000 on a Dante card for multi-track recording is just too much.
    2. More local inputs. Since there is no dedicate talkback mic input, 4 mic surface inputs may not enough for wireless mics.
    3. Better meter LEDs.
    4. Still support dsnake.
    5. Keep the under $5000 price tag.

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    The “expander” port is there for more local I/O if needed (though it’s AR84-only, so just an extra 8×4). I prefer the flexibility of that approach rather than adding to the size and cost of the desk with local I/O that may not be useful in all applications.

    For the GLD mk2, I’d like to see A&H turn the expander into a full-fledged dSnake port rather than limiting it to 8×4.

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    that will just be more expensive

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    Well no response from anybody from A&H. I am disappointed. It seems that GLD platform is what is it for now and no updates. That is a shame. the Qu platform has some really nice features in the Remote Apps which are not in GLD.

    So please A&H share your roadmap for GLD.

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    My GLD firmware wish list.

    1. Metering on DCAs
    2. When ganging 2 channels, I would like an option for PAN control to work like it does in the Qu series for LINKed channels.
    3. Read-only scenes, that only the admin user can modify, or delete.

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    So today I saw the webinar for dLive. I like that console but for now I am still waiting for any changes / updates for GLD ?

    WHAT IS THE PLAN ? Please A&H I am asking for a long time now. Take just 1 minute to reply and state what the future is for GLD.

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    Allen & Heath should come up with new firmware updates for GLD.

    As Follows:-

    * Analogue type Red Gain/Preamp Knob in preamp section. Quite confusing in digital dB Bvalues.

    * Dedicated Mute Groups.

    * Metering on DCAs.

    * With some more output busses configuration.

    * Shure and Sennheiser Libraries.

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