Gain difference SQ5 on board pre amps VS 1608 stageblock

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    I use the SQ5 in rehearsal next to me, with the SQ acting as soundcard for ableton. When playing live, I don’t need the console next to me, we have a FOH tech with us, Petra Randewijk, with the 1608 stageblock next to me for all my channels. Motu for ableton audio to SQ. we noticed some gain differences. Are there any that you A&H guys and girls know of?

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    the 1608 (wich one do you have, the DX or the AB?) is an analog to digital converter
    and the direct connection via USB is a digital to digital connection

    the stagebox has analog preamps before the converters to adapt (amplify) the analog signal to the right level for the converters
    but this could be the problem in your case
    if the overall level of your signals differ then your gain settings in one of the devices is away from the needed gain
    if u are using a click signal use this as gain reference
    since this is mostly a generated signal and is consistent over time you can send it out to the SQ directly (USB)
    note your level at the meters
    then connect your stagebox and bring up the gain to that level where your click track reads the same level on the meters

    of course you can save your settings to a scene
    but Petra will already know that

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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