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    We recently added another SQ-series mixer to our setup, this one an SQ-6. Unfortunately, the pair of monitor speakers in our control room lack gain knobs on the back. They’re, according to the manufacturer, pre-set to an appropriate reference volume. Problem is that “appropriate” reference volume, when connected to the main L/R output jacks of the SQ-6 is VERY LOUD!

    Our solution for now is to route the entire main mix to a DCA. That way, the main fader isn’t super sensitive, but the DCA can be left at about 50% and can soften things. It’s a rather unfortunate use of a DCA, though. And the bigger issue is that this works, but it means the main mix going to headphones is rather quiet. The headphone knob is almost all the way up to bring the main mix up to a good level. It also means that, when we push the PAFL button on any channel to hear its pre-fader source, it’s blastingly loud in both the headphones and the monitor speakers. While we could put a pre-amp in-between the mixer and the speakers to bring the level down, that seems like unnecessary hardware.

    Is there a way to adjust the gain going to the main L/R output jacks that won’t effect the main mix that’s going to other output jacks?

    Alternatively, or maybe additionally, is there a way to make the main mix going to headphones be pre-fader, meaning adjusting the master fader will not change the level going to headphones?

    Any suggestions welcomed.


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    Mike C

    What about using a matrix out to drive the monitors and then assign the matrix
    master to a soft rotary control knob for quick easy control.

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    Have you tried setting your master fader as “Listen Level” on the Setup -> Role page?

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    Rob T

    If you want your booth monitors to just be the main L/R mix, but at a different level, I’d strongly consider using a matrix to feed them. You’ll get level control, along with other processing blocks that may be useful.

    Alternatively, you can solve the “PFL is blastingly loud” problem by adjusting the PFL Trim setting in the Settings/Audio/PAFL settings page

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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