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    Would it be possible to have FX sends as stereo? Ability to route FX send (and not waste an aux) to external FX would be also nice to have.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @sokaisija

    I’m afraid not.
    This is due to the way the core routing has been designed with dedicated FX sends and returns, so you will need to use (not waste!) a mix to route audio out and an input (or mix external in) to return it.
    It may seem like a negative, but it’s actually the other way around! The more basic (in terms of routing and processing) dedicated FX sends and returns were added so you wouldn’t need to use up ‘full fat’ mix and input channels for the internal FX.


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    Niko Maniac

    Hi @sokaisija
    I do use internal FX sends to send mixes into my outboard FX Rack (PC with Live Prof) .
    You need to assign the FX send you want (ex FX1) to a rack you’ll be able to bypass or leave unprocessed (ex rack n°1) (in my case, I use the deesser, set to no deessing at all). Then in the I/O page, you just have to route the rack n°1 output to a physical output of the console (XLR, jack, USB or whatever) and you’re done, FX1 bus will go straight into the output you’ve chosen. you just need to send your outboard gear back to a stereo input of the console.



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    +1 to route FX Sends 1-4 via IO to any output!

    Core fixed signal flow ok…
    but routing won’t eat (more or less) any processing power!

    And redesign the core:
    This was also possible when creating mono matrices!

    So: “I’ve there is a will, …”

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    Sorry for digging this up again, but the ability to route FX 1-4 mixes out of the console (IO Port would be fine by me) would be amazing!

    Ideally, we could also return signals to the FX Returns (no channel processing necessary)… maybe similar to the “mix external in” feature.

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