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    I’m trying to create some FX in a monitor mix on the Qu-16.

    The singer wants some additional reverb FX in his monitor. This is what I’m doing:

    The singers monitor signal comes from Mix1 on the Qu-16 and the reverb comes via FX1.

    Mix1: I’m turning up his mic fader and the master fader. We can now hear him “dry” in the monitor. I also raise the FX1 Ret fader.

    FX1: I’m turning up his mic fader and the FX1 master fader. Signal is still “dry”.

    It is first when I return to the LR mix and raises the singers mic fader, that we hear the reverb in the monitor mix from Mix1.

    Is this normal behaviour? I would expect that one mix do not depend on settings or levels in another mix.

    Any tips or suggestions?

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    You send effects to monitors in exactly the same way as you send other channel.

    Go to the effects returns, and check that the send to mix 1 is ON, and turned up (very easy to do in the iPad app if you have that setup).

    Whether you want it pre fade or post fade depends on how you work, but if it’s post, then obviously the fader for L+R needs to be up. Sounds like this is what is happening. So to have effects in the monitors all the time, set the mix 1 send to pre fade.

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    That’s why I put them pre fader somewhere in the setup.

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    The issue is normally that the input to the FX1 unit is post fade.

    So the output is tied to the channel fader.

    So the level of FX in the monitor will be dependant on the level of that channel in the FOH mix.

    If you have spare capacity then you could set a prefade FX unit as well, and route that one only to the monitor.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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