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    Hello there!
    I realise this has been discussed before, but I have some more questions about this thing. The setup is basically going to be like this: SQ7 on FOH, SQ5 on monitors and gx4816 for all the I/O needs. Now…I suppose there is no way for the gx4816 to work as a normal splitter that just sends signals into the SQ5 (so the signals go directly into the mixers, without the Slink), right? It only works for the ME system if I’m correct? So the only way this can work is with an SLink installed (I’ve seen diagrams on the forum). I know it could also work with one splitter and two separate stageboxes that send signals into each mixer, but that’s way more expensive…
    And just one a bit off topic…
    There is still no way to extend one ar2412 with another one, so that it becomes a 48 channel stagebox?

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    I’m having a hard time following what you want to do (language barrier I’m assuming). No worries though I’ll try to help. 🙂

    Run GX to SQ5 sLink port. Buy sLink card and install in SQ5. SQ5 sLink card to SQ7 sLink port.

    FOH IO port remains open for waves/dante. Gain controlled by monitor mixer.

    AR2412. No official way. You could do it with some fancy networking, but it’s not advisable IMO. AB168 is expandable so you can have 40×20.

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    Søren Steinmetz

    2 x AR2412 – no can do (the protocol they use only allow 40×40 channels)

    1 x Ar2412 with an AB168 as expander is doable though.

    The GX is not able to work as a splitter, nor is any other A&H stageboxes as far as I know.

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    Dante would be able to split the signals with the network to multiple systems

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    Why don’t you use an AR 84 connected to an AR2412 and use the local inputs on your SQ5 to create 48 inputs on stage?
    And of course you need an Slink card to connect to the SQ7/FOH console.

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    Can one also get splits by duplicating inputs??: For example, lead vocal mic into socket 1 on stage box. On SQ7, assign this socket 1 into, say, Input 1 on SQ7 and do FOH processsing. On SQ5, assign this same socket 1 (stagebox) into, say, Input 24 on SQ5, and process and send to monitor mixes.

    Of course, you only have 1/2 of total inputs available with this method.

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    Yes you can, but why would you loose half of the inputs? The signal is split pre processing and you can assign all 48 inputs to any of the channels on both consoles via the I/O screen and process the signal on each SQ. in this case gain levels are set on the SQ5, you can trim the signal on the SQ7 though.

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    Yes, you don’t actually lose half of the inputs on either board. But if you are purposely splitting/routing each socket into two inputs that the FOH and monitor mixer will process separately (as opposed to Dante or tielines solutions), the band can only have 24 mic’d Or line vocals, Drums, keys, horns, etc. heard in BOTH boards. You can no longer individually mic a 48-piece orchestra, for example.

    ( yes, you can have a bunch of other inputs that might only go to FOH (e.g., break music) or only go to monitor mixer (audience mics, click tracks)

    One beauty of SQ is the routing flexibility, which allows us to have these mind-bending but ultimately enlightening discussions.

    Or tell me why this is incorrect… we all win either way.

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    Hi Barryjam,
    No, that is not how it works. I couldn’t find an official A&H video on this on YouTube, but this video demonstrates how things work:
    In the video the local inputs are used, however: with the additional SQ card a stage box can be used.
    Best regards,

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    * Slink card.

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    KeithJ A&H

    In the setup:

    GX4816 <-> SQ-5 Mons (with SLink card) <-> SQ-7 FoH

    • You can use tie lines on the SQ-5 to pass the input sockets directly from the GX4816 through to the SQ-7
    • The SQ-5 will have control of the gains, but both consoles have independent trim control (it’s a good idea to set ‘Preamp On Surface’ OFF on the SQ-5 to stop the dedicated Preamp control adjusting gains and avoid accidentally changing the signal being received by the SQ-7)
    • Both consoles have 48 input processing channels available, so both can process and mix up to 48 channels independently 🙂
    • Use tie lines again on the SQ-5 to pass signal (Main LR?) being sent from the SQ-7 (via the SLink<->SLink connection) straight through to outputs on the GX4816
    • Don’t forget to have only one clock master! I’d suggest using the SQ-5 for this, so set the SQ-7 to sync from SLink

    You could do something very similar with an AR2412+AR84+local inputs as suggested.



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