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    It should be possible to set the input patch for a specific channel to “safe” so the input routing for this particular channel doesn’t get changed by a scene recall.

    This is already available for the SQ mixers and not having it on gld/dlive/avantis is really unfortunate.

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    +1000 on this. I was extremely disappointed to find that I could not safe particular channels against routing changes on my Avantis.

    It bit me this week during Sunday worship service. We have several misc input devices that are rarely used and have a shortage of inputs, so we use a scene to change between these inputs while only using a single stereo input. While our regular routing doesn’t change much from week to week, this week we did have to made another routing change on the worship leader’s mic since he was filling in for the keyboard player and sitting at their mic location. When I recalled the scene to change the misc input device, it changed the lead vocals mic routing too. (Luckily it still passed audio – but under the keyboard players normal mic channel which has different gain, EQ and effects settings; messing up monitor level sends for the entire band; etc so it was still a mess).

    I thought it was just a stupid mistake on my part, but looking into it I realized it wasn’t. The only option is to toggle safe/not safe ALL routing changes. The system completely lacks the ability to safe routing changes at the individual input or output level. This means recalling these misc input change scenes will also change any other routing change since the scene was initially saved. This is completely unacceptable IMHO. Safeing individual channel routing seems like a very basic thing to do and I can’t believe it isn’t available on this level of console. I also understand it is unavailable on the DLive which is also unacceptable IMHO.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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