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    Hi all,
    NEQ is GREAT on groups. Love it.

    Here’s the use case. I’ve got a group for JUST one headset currently. So I can ring it out and tame it there. Then using the PEQ on channel for artistic choices (also freeing up the DYN8 bands).

    it’s a perfect job for something like Waves x-fdbk or a hardware feedback destroyer…

    So my request is 2 fold.

    1) NEQ or something similar on each channel so request to can be on a per channel basis.
    2) Implementation of an auto Feedback sniffer. I’d like to see most of the controls of x-fdbk implemented. mostly Global Amplitude and Q adjusts… I could see this being added to the NEQ section.

    Further to this, the parametric 12band NEQ is GREAT. But as with most A&H EQ’s on the dlive I will add my voice to the calls for greater adjustability. Especially to the Q setting, I think we all desire to be more surgical…

    Thank you for the consideration.

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    +1. I say this without any expectation it will materialize on the Dlive platform, but it would be cool to dream up a next gen Channel EQ. Love NEQ. More Q control and asymmetrical filter options would be slick, but I would be happy with NEQ as-is on a channel.

    Want to go crazy? Give us a 2-mode option to choose between NEQ or a 6-band dynamic EQ (similar to F6) with sidechain (per filter).

    Dyn8 is a great insert, but I would rather see dynamic EQ imbedded with channel EQ (without insert latency) and have Multiband comp as a standalone insert.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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