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    Guys, I need help here, when we are mixing on Avantis, and change layers when we return to the previous layer, they change places, check the attached video, does anyone have a solution? Thanks

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    It’s hard to know exactly what you are showing on the video without some sort of verbal explanation – at least for me.

    As far as faders not operating correctly, there are a couple of options:
    – calibrate the faders using the built in option
    – save your shows to a USB drive and then fully reset the console back to factory settings. Reload your shows from your USB drive.

    If neither of those fix the issue, then contact your dealer or A&H support to start the process of sending the console in for repair.

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    Davi and friends I’m going to try more details here, I’ve already thought about doing this factory reset, but I can only do it next week because I’m out of the country and the volunteers on my church are not able to do this procedure.

    Ex: On layer A on channel 1 I have Kick, on Layer B on channel 13 I have Bass, let’s imagine that I left the Kick fader at 0dB, when I go to Layer B but I don’t even touch on the faders, when I return for Layer A the channel 1 kick fader goes down to -20.

    The Video that I previously sent you, you can see when the sound operator presses the Layer A to B button on the left part of the Avantis, the return of the effect on the right fades goes to 0dB, when the operator repeats the operation and it happens again. watch the video, now you can understand better.

    I hope it’s clearer. Thanks

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