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    So, this one is probably a bit silly to some, but I would really really like to have faders moving correctly during crossfades. I know that it doesn’t have any practical application, but this behaviour just seems so odd compared to other consoles. And, it is also a bit nosiy when multiple fader movements are happening during a scene change.


    The problem there is that you’re dealing with a desk that can completely rearrange faders instantly per scene recall, if desired. Thus, you’re talking about not only tracking those assignments, but also the relative movements as that shift happens, for every fader. Then add in embedded recalls… I’m not a programmer, but I would imagine that is a huge amount of data to have to track for a very short transition.

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    It could be a lot of data. But you could possibly make a algorithm that makes the calculation. Say: fade from -inf to 0 in 2 seconds. While updating 10 x a second. It would not be that a big an amount of data would it?

    Atleast it would be a nice feature. And it is one I´m missing (Coming from Avid, Digico, Soundcraft, etc.)

    Say you go to a cue, a fader is going from -inf to 0 in a 20 sec fade.
    At -20db you notices it is going to be too high, and will cause harm to allot of the people in the audience.
    Your only option now, is to either: Mute the channel, take another fader(master fader).

    If you touch, and take down your fader that is moving towards 0, it will jump to 0, before you can take it down to -20db.

    This is really annoying. why not make the faders follow all the fades too?

    In my oppinion it should have been implemented from the start… But would at least be nice to get it in an update.


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    I came this forum also for that, to ask this feature. For me is very important, because I need to see current fader positions.

    Use case in broadcasting and theatre: Coming next scene with slow fade in (same time other channels fade down) and for example actor will start talk before then fader still move, then I see where fader is and make fast changes. That means if I touch fader in crossfade time, then this channel stop crossfade but other channels still moving.

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