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    Recently I’ve decided that I might as well use some of my favourite external FX rather than trying to sell them and being rather sad with how much they are (not) worth – the Lexicon MPX1 for a vocal plate and the TC D2 for vocal delay.

    I know that with v1.8 you can turn your groups into extra stereo mixes, but I wanted to use the usual FX sends and only use one group if possible, leaving the extra group spare. So here is what I did:

    These instructions are for anything but the Qu-16 as this doesn’t have groups.

    a) Set the racks for the two FX channels you want to use (for me that was FX3 & 4) to use the Stereo Delay FX. Set both the left and right delay to 5ms, and open up the EQ so that you are not filtering anything. This should just give you a straight through path with no effects, but with a 5ms pre-delay, which shouldn’t really matter.

    b) Set the group you want to use to be a Mix not a Group (for me it was Group 3-4).

    c) Make sure that the FX returns for the relevant FX are set to infinity for the Main Mix, and set them to 0dB for the Mix/Group you are using (again in this example Group 3-4). Pan FX3 return to the L and FX4 return to the R.

    d) If you want to use jack sends (as I did) then set the Alt Out to be Group 3-4. Now you should have FX3 send on the left and FX4 send on the right.

    e) Route the sends to your effects units and then return them on ST1 & ST2.

    And that is it – you don’t lose any monitor mix sends, and still have a group to play with. Sadly the routing isn’t flexible to allow the source of the FX returns to be modified, but there has to be a compromise somewhere – or else why would you buy a GLD.

    Hope that helps someone,

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    If you don’t need the FX mixes for anything else then you can route those to alt-out….

    Actually, I just checked on QuPad, and I’m not sure you can any more, I was looking to see if you could send the fx mix outputs to the stagebox…

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    Thats what we need .. to be able to send to anologue FX and return to ….
    I’m sure a lot of musician/Audio-techs have their favoured FX gadgets!

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    You return to ST1&2 I presume.
    If the FX returns could be fed from the Stagebox then that’s an extra 4 hacked stereo channels…

    When I last looked I was thinking about an additional pair of mono monitor sends (FX on 3/4 can still be used from individual channels, which wasn’t quite good enough for me, but the routing was available).

    The FX mixes appear to be missing from the QuPad routing – both locally and on the dSnake…
    Be nice to have FX returns available from dSnake as well, as I said, that’s basically extra channels!

    16+3*2+4*2 sounds rather nice…
    Although no FX in that scenario…

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