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    what I would find very handy would be an option to export the IO patch as human readable / printable patch list. Maybe such a feature would be most at home in the SQ mixpad app. What I mean is a simple list stating which physical inputs are connected to which channels, and the same for the outputs. Either in a pdf, excel or csv (or something else printable) format. This can be very handy for documenting a show, moving to different locations or quickly communicating with a team of (local) technicians. The goal being that we know what to connect where without having to dive into the mixer screen.


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    + 10E99

    It would be very useful to be able to print out the entire set up for easy reference for setting up as well as future changes.

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    This feature would be very useful
    I have used it many times on another console many times with my team. This was also one of the first questions I asked the dlive rep when reviewing the board.

    Would really like this feature both in the iPad and ability to export and print

    Thank you

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