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    Good morning folks!

    So we’re jumping ship with Avid to a dLive system. In a lot of ways it’s a vastly superior desk. However, one thing I really am going to miss are the contextual trigger/action “events,” that exist in a VENUE system. Now, this has partly been addressed in dLive by embedded recall. IE I can build certain kinds of, “if this, then that,” arguments as a set of sub-recall parameters. (When this, “mic on,” snapshot is recalled, –> wait two seconds, then recall the, “audience mic down,” snapshot, etc.)

    Where this fails/breaks down: Threshold-type triggers appear to be nonexistent. IE – when X channel fader moves above -40dBFS, action is triggered. When that fader moves below -60dBFS, alternative action is recalled. <— that type of interactivity is particularly useful for speech and managing audience mics, or for boosting a solo EG channel and having it automatically pan center when you do, say, a +6dB boost, then pan when you move the fader back down.

    Not sure how feasible it is to integrate that type of argument-based interactivity, but I would really love to see something like that happen in future firmware updates!

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    indeed, sounds interesting

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