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    Looking for any insight I can get for resolving this, thanks in advance.

    Over the last two evenings, we’ve run into an intermittent issue where the levels on SQ Mixpad begin glitching erratically as seen here.


    • Mixer: AH-SQ-5 running firmware version 1.5.10 r4132 (latest)
    • SQ Mixpad V1.5.4 (latest)
    • Wifi Router: Netgear Nighthawk AX6
    • iPad mini 4 running software version 15.8.1

    Troubleshooting steps taken to resolve when it occurs:

    • Power cycled the mixer
    • Force closed SQ Mixpad on iPad
    • Connected a new, dedicated wifi router for the board
    • Moved the router to direct line of sight within 30 ft iPad operation
    • Updated the firmware on the board

    None of the above steps have successfully resolved or prevented the issue from occurring.

    Additional notes:

    • Last night, we were able to prevent the issue from occurring during show by leaving SQ MixPad closed on our iPads and making adjustments only to the physical mixer. The board is in a very inconvenient location, however, so this is not practical to continue as-is without moving the board, which will require some expensive rewiring in our venue to accomodate.
    • When this issue has occurred, we’ve noted that physical faders on the mixer due not reflect the erratic behavior on SQ Mixpad. Levels on the board remain static, however, we can hear audible level changes in the house as the sound will cut in and out.
    • Before we put the board on a dedicated router, we were using a shared wifi router, which is also connected to our POS terminals and has internet connectivity (Netgear AX1800). The new router does not have internet connectivity, so the only data transmission is between the board and iPad running SQ Mixpad.
    • We have a backup iPad with the exact same specs and app version and have observed the same behavior in SQ Mixpad when this occurs in parity with our primary iPad
    • I have just deleted SQ Mixpad and reinstalled, however, because the version is the same as previous, I’m skeptical that this will solve. Will update if I can duplicate the issue again with re-downloaded app.
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    Mike C

    Are you connecting with 2.4 or 5g WIFI. If not 5g try a 5g channel.
    Get a scanner app and see what channels are in use. I tend to stay in the lower
    5g channel. I use WIFI Man, the scanner apps are just about all for Android.

    Are there any other apps open on your ipad?

    Also try hiding the SSID broadcast.

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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I’m connecting with 5g with all apps closed and was able to duplicate the issue.

    Am currently looking into hiding the SSID broadcast. Will update this reply if I am able to duplicate after hiding the SSID broadcast.

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    Mike C

    Is there anything connected to the USB B connection on the SQ? Though you did say it works fine with the mix app closed.

    Generally it’s best to have the mixer on a dedicated network.

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    I will check shortly on the USB-b connection.

    To be clear, the mixer is on a dedicated network with only one device connection on that network, running on 5G with SSID disabled, and the issue still occurs.

    I’ve also updated the firmware on the router, and the issue persists.

    It’s probably worth noting also that the mixer stopped responding to fader changes on the board in the most recent occurrence Sat night.

    I created a ticket with American Music and Sound Support 3-4 days ago, our local service center, but am still awaiting follow up.

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    Confirmed that USB-b port has nothing connected.

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