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    I haven’t tried this yet, but I was thinking about embedded recall today in terms of “follow actions.” Ie – I’ve been using them much in the same way I would have done “Events,” on a Venue system. (For instance – Preshow cue recalls ipod up scene, waits 5s, kills band, then also turns overflow to conversational volume.)

    It seems to me it would be fairly easy to create an infinite feedback loop using embedded recall; IE scene 1 recalls scene 5, scene 5 recalls scene 1… Or even when building a larger cue list for a big show, one may accidentally forget about some previous embedded recall and cause a never ending cascade of events. (I can actually think of about four shows where that may be desirable for an interactive/installation type event.) OR, say you have two dLive consoles and don’t know that scene 5 on the other desk causes recall to scene 1 on this desk. …so infinite networked feedback loop.

    In venue the only way to stop a loop like this once it’s begun is to “disable,” the action, which stops the loop immediately. If one were to do something so dumb as to create such a loop, how would you disable the thing? Scenario a) you go into your scenes and remove one of the embedded recalls from a problematic scene. <–where this becomes a problem? If you have a user account that is locked from making changes to scenes, but can recall them, or recalls a problematic scene upon login. That person is then stuck in an infinite loop with no out except to shut down the board. (I’ll be saving that one for an April fools prank on an A2…)

    But in all seriousness, that could theoretically cause a big problem for somebody. Just thought I’d better mention it here while I was thinking about it!

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