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    I’ve just update to 1.4 firmware and i played a bit with EQ4, how do you guys use it?
    I’ve found that if i place in the “mud” region (200 to 500Hz) in compression mode on a voice it clear the sound in a more natural way that a standard eq.
    Other ideas?

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    I just updated to 1.4 and am in love with DynamicQ. We have a smallish room (~300 seats) and many times fight symbol / hat volumes when rocking out. Ive plugged the dynamicQ into the insert of the drum group and put compression on the 5K range. So now when the drummers are being quiet I can still get a great sounding hat / cymbol, but when they really start amping it up for rock flavored pieces it cuts the harshness as the levels go up.

    I Love it! I Love it! I Love it!


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    So actually, I need to give an update on this. DynamicQ was not the way to go with this. I hadn’t thought about it at the time but the problem with that setup was that the kick would cause attenuation to the higher freq as there is (understandably) no side chain filter. I changed from the dynamicQ to one of the new multiband comps. I got to really use this for some rocking stuff during this Sunday’s services and finally the hat and symbols were contained without losing them or the snare chains during quieter stuff.

    Good things!

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    I’ve been using it on vocals. I don’t really have a full understanding of it, but it has done something magical to hard to control vocals that regular EQ or compression could not. More natural balancing of frequencies. I pull up the vocal fix preset and adjust the frequencies to the hot spots and run pretty high compression in the very aggressive areas. Sounds great on female vox with a harsh 2-4k range and seriously helps even out cheap crummy mics!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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