Does USB-2 have enough bandwidth for 32 track DAW recording?

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    Hi, Getting ready for a live recording concert and wanted to check if the USB-2 is sufficient a pipeline for 32 channels. I am not concerned about latency, just getting the tracks recorded. I had no problem with my QU24, but want to make sure it will work at 96kHz with my SQ5. I am also curious why A&H sticks with USB-2, probably enough bandwidth.

    Most of my recordings are 16 tracks or less so I use the SQ drive in tandem with the DAW for safety.

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    is the USB-2 sufficient a pipeline for 32 channels at 96K?

    On the QU32 I have always increased the computer latency to the max as only wanted to capture.
    32 channels at 96K ?
    Thats a very good question!
    Whom can answer this question?

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    32 tracks over USB is fine, there is enough bandwidth.

    But I don’t think you can use the SQ drive at the same time.

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    Using the both drives at the same time is important to me. Anyone can confirm if both USB’s can be used at same time? I typically use 16 tracks if that helps.

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    I found the answer in the A&H knowledge base, Both USB’s can’t be use simultaneously: “SQ-Drive Playback/Recording (stereo or multitrack) + Playback/Recording from USB B (streaming from DAW) not supported simultaneously”.

    This brings up the question of which would be more reliable? I am using the Samsung T5 500GB SSD for SQ multitrack. Logic suggests that the SQ drive would be more reliable if only 16 tracks are needed, Using a DAW adds more complexity in software and hardware.

    Love to hear anyone’s thoughts.

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    I have tried the SQ Drive with some thumb drives and sometimes it works, sometimes not (using an early firmware version, 1.1 or so). In those days also the USB-B was not really reliable, I had some issues with my Windows Laptops and PCs. But today the USB-B is reliable and I use it as backup for my Dante card. Dante is for me the best choice because i can choose between 96 and 48 kHz and can record also all 48 input channels which is not possible with the USB-B (32) or SQ Drive (16).

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    I have done test recordings with my new SQ5. None have been more than 10 minutes so far but it is working error free. I am also using a Samsung 500GB T5. This applies to USB-B and SQ drive both.

    The computer I used with the USB-B tests was a $200 Dell laptop… so it appears that the computer itself is not taxed too heavily (as is also seen monitoring Task Manager on the computer) though I’m sure a fast drive is essential.

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    I managed to get lucky and found a Demo Dante card at Sweetwater for $600. When I record a live concert I get one shot at it. Having a backup is essential for me.

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    With Dante you can route to two computers running DVS. When I record live, I send the input direct outs to Dante outs.

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