Does anyone have first hand experience using ME monitors with Dante?

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    I’m familiar with the SQ series and AB168/ME-1 setups.

    We’re currently looking at adding in-ear monitoring and personal mixing, but the temporary location we’re meeting at has a Yamaha TF3 with the Dante enabled digital snake.

    Soo…Dante is part of the ecosystem.

    QUESTION: When the ME-1/AB168 combination is used with Dante connected to a different ecosystem than A&H, what experience is to be expected when using the personal mixers?

    I’m used to the 1 to 1 console to monitor channel default naming feature, but that appears to be A&H protocol only. Any advice on what to expect, what features we lose, etc.?

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    Mike C

    With what you have there is no way to use the ME system.

    You can interface the ME’s to a Dante system using the ME-U hub fitted with a Dante interface card.

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    So there’s no way, but there’s a way?

    As I understand, if I use the Dante interface in the ME-U, that will allow me to route audio to the ME-1’s?

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi arretx,

    In short yes, a ME-U equipped with an M-Dante card will take up to 40 channels of audio from the TF3 and feed the ME-1/ME-500 units. It will NOT pass channel names and stereo links automatically from the desk (like it does with an A&H mixer), however you can enter this information in the ME-U via a browser interface – saves you naming channels manually on all the ME units.

    In your post you’re asking about the AB168 in this configuration. The AB168 can not be used with a TF3 or ME-U running Dante. It runs on a proprietary transport protocol (dSnake). We do have a Dante version of the 168 stagebox called DT168, which can indeed work with the TF3/ME-U in a Dante network, if of interest.

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    Ahh YES! Thank you! I did not realize there was a UI that could be accessed directly on the ME-U for channel naming, and manually configuring isn’t that big of a problem considering we’re building this out with A&H SQ in mind when we have our own space. Sorry about the confusion with the AB168. It’s the snake I’m familiar with, but the one that we’re using here is the Yamaha equivalent (only it does have Dante.)

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