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    Rohan Wright

    So we have finally received our new S7000 and our IP8s, But it doesn’t look like the faders “flip” to sends on faders when a mix is selected…
    so this completely defeats the purpose of using IP8s for monitors…
    And yes I have played with doing scenes but you have to manually change the fader for each output and input which means manually re-configuring 28 Auxes x 96 inputs = 2688 faders to manually reconfigure. that would take a month and is a completely ridiculous solution. plus if you want to change the layout a little it means completely redoing all the scenes and each aux.
    Please A&H tell me there’s a better way so I didn’t just wast money on these things.

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    Sorry, but you’re an idiot for not checking out the product you are purchasing. Doing big and complex monitoring setups is not the intention or purpose of the IP controllers. For that you are much much better of with the ME boxes. You should have talked to the sales rep about your specific needs.

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    I don’t think the name calling is necessary Tor, and while it’s not the intention, they’re a very programmable unit & in theory can be set up that way… what I’d love to see if an editor which makes programming faster (it’s horribly slow to do it for a big setup, either on the console or on Director, some sort of copy and paste functionality would be amazing, or even a grid based editor).

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    You’re right.

    Just a little tiring to see an endless amount of posts in these fora about people either wanting A) Stuff to do something that is really not it’s purpose, while there are equally priced products tailor made for it B) Wanting features that are so specific to ONLY their situation, and which often comes from a complete misuse or appliance of the dLive system.

    I guess this will be the Achilles heel of the dLive, a pro console at a less-than-pro price point will always attract pro-sumers and amateurs, wanting stuff that should be unnecessary on a pro console operated by pro engineers. Waste of R&D some of the stuff people bring up here on a regular basis.

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    hard words, but well sayed, indeed 😉

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    the i-live editor was much better regarding such needs, including the (i feel like the roman cato repeating it over and over again)”import names” feature it used to have.
    too one would have a overview on complex setups such as :see all channel strips at once e.t.c.
    seems ah is running a bit after “cool” effects for hip soundengineers, not to blame ah as this is biz….
    simple stuff i miss when naming strips, having a next button to select the next strip, auto fill on naming (on/off switchable) if you have 18 violins and so on.
    as mentioned somewhere else, a dyn 8 overview window to avoid a mess ,showing the inserts and the remaining amount avaiable (not that i use so many),
    i love having a organised setup (such as stereo dyn 8 (groups and so on) first and then the mono inserts (or vice versa).

    but still complaining on a high level here as the console is simply smashing.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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