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    It would really good to have ability to set a scene range for each user similar to the SQ series, to allow them a defined block of scene memory to store their own scenes.

    I have 8 users at moment and at times I’ve found some other users scenes have been overwritten.

    I am happy for them to store scenes but want to restrict overwriting other users scenes.

    How have others managed this for multiple users?

    I am reluctant to give each user a dedicated show file, as if I need to tweak anything for our io patch or streaming mix then I need to change 8 show files.

    Any suggestions?

    Ash Webber

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    You can do this in the user setup menu.

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    Could you please elaborate in how to assign users a specific block if users to work with as can be done with SQ?

    I can block users in user preferences from storing scenes but that is for ALL scenes.

    I need say User 1 to access scene 10-19 only, User 2 to access scene 20-29, etc.

    How can this be achieved?

    I can’t see any option in user setup to set this up on DLive.


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    I want to know if this can be done too. Anyone ???

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    Go to Surface> Control> Surface Preferences and edit the Roles (bottom right corner in that screen). Select a Role and set the start and end scenes. You can also name the role.

    You can also set permissions in Roles:
    User Profiles> User # > Set Permissions> Roles

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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