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    I’m going to use Director on my mac as monitor console.
    But i don’t understand few things.
    Should i have the show on my laptop in the Director with all scene or no?
    Is possible use another scene in the show with own surface or we should use the same scene?
    If we use the same scene, but on my laptop i have another surface, how is it save? Is it save on general console or i need to save it in the Director?

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    As far as scenes and show file storage, this is my understanding of the dLive operation:
    Scenes are loaded to/recalled from/used within the mix racks.
    Show files are stored in the surface…. when saved from the surface control.
    Show files are stored in the PC/MAC….. when saved with the PC/director software.

    When using a PC/MAC with director you can’t access/see saved show files located on the surface so you cannot recall them.
    When a show file is recalled from a surface, the scenes are loaded to the mix racks and then become available and accessible to the PC/MAC with director connection and can be recalled/edited/etc…

    You could recall your show from the surface, then save it on your PC/MAC with director as a backup copy. Another backup option would be to use a usb thumb drive as backup storage.
    Personally I wouldn’t try and recall scenes from multiple locations during the same show, as mentioned above, the scenes are shared by all control connections. If you are worried about what is saved/recalled, set your recall filtering accordingly to try and avoid those issues.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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