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    We have our first big show with the dLive coming up at the end of the month and I’m starting the preliminary work right now. I’ve set up and tested our DM64/s7000 and DM0/s5000 setups, got the patching setup via Tie Lines, and it all seems to be working fine – splitting FoH and Mons via GigaAce cards in both Mixracks. All my inputs are coming from a combination of DX expanders and direct connections to the DM64. Is there anything I should be careful with or anything to look out for? Is there a potential of latency issues to the monitors if something isn’t setup correctly? Set up is the day before the show so I have time to sus out any gremlins that might pop-up. The splitting all seems pretty straight forward but I’d love to hear from others that have done this same thing.


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    I guess you’re across gain tracking, are you using GigaACE to split? Just a matter of keeping the communication between operators open so that initial gain setting happens ‘before’ the gain tracking is switched on – no point in having half your trim range disappear at the start of line check!
    If you’re on GigaACE latency shouldn’t come into it. Keep some spare quality cables as per normal ops.

    The implementation is awesome, it’s been such a useful component of our overall setup now, once you use it you’ll never go back to analog splits (until the next time someone brings a Profile!)!

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    Nicola A&H

    Clock settings? Make sure you set one system as master (Internal clock) and the other as slave (Sync from gigaACE card).
    Some users also like to create comms lines between the systems, patched to the Ext In to PAFL.

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    @biggsounds I’m setting the preamp gain to “enough” then using the trim controls on both boards. I don’t think I need the gain tracking, is that still a good idea?

    @nicola Thanks for that. I didn’t even think of the clock settings.

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    Not learn’t much but Clock should always be at the forefront of the mind in digital world:-)
    I too would leave the gain tracking alone and go the set to enough and “lock to trim” +1 on the profile but add Yamaha to that list.
    The D Live’s MADI card is amazing when playing with Digico and linking to Braodcast trucks.

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    This is super helpful, thanks everyone. I’m setting this all up so, I’ll report back with how it goes.

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