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    Had an issue at the weekend which unfortunately stopped the show twice.
    System is SQ7 -> AR2412 -> AB168 : An ME1 is also fed from the monitor port of the 2412 via a PoE switch.
    Firstly let me say this is not a new configuration and has been rock solid for a couple of years so it’s not going to be any kind of teething problem.

    All was fine during sound check and the system was left muted for a couple of hours waiting for showtime.
    Right from the beginning we had issues…
    1. Drummer had lost his Me1 monitor link.
    2. I wouldn’t describe it as distortion but there was an audible system wide “Warbling” is the best way I can describe it.
    When I say system wide, I mean EVERY audio output so monitors and FOH

    Made the usual frantic checks for connections or obvious issues but nothing showed up.
    Show restart was exactly the same with the system wide “warble” still present.

    Rebooted the desk and main stage rack but that didn’t resolve the issue.

    We eventually managed a restart by physically moving the desk from FOH and placing it stage side with another Cat5 cable but even with this workaround there was still the occasional “Warble” in the system though not as persistent as originally.

    As the entire system had been rebooted at one point or another, the desk physically re-sited and the Cat5 swapped I’m thinking that cabling wasn’t the issue. My main thought is either dirty stage electrics or low voltage affecting the stage box but I’m certainly happy to be advised by anyone with this unfortunate experience.



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