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    Gday SQ Owners,

    I have a SQ5 running Cat5 to a Netgear Nighthawk AX 5 connecting to a Lenovo Tablet..

    I’m running Mixpsd Version 1.5.4

    Im having issues where the SQ Mixpad drops connection every 30secs to a minute.

    I have tried turning sleep off, screen saver off, and all the usual things that could potentially make it keep disconnecting. There’s nothing else plugged into the router except the SQ.

    Was wondering what helpful tips or suggestions people might have to assist in rectifying this problem.

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    Mike C

    Try using only a 5g WIFI connection, set a static IP on the mixer, use a WIFI scanner app
    to see what WIFI channels are in use in the area your working and set the router to a different channel. Most WIFI scanner apps are for Android. Hiding the WIFI SSID (WIFI name) helps a little.

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    I have the same problem. I have a TD-Router and have used the same router on my MIDAS-MR-18 and QU-24, never had issues. I also replaced the ethernet cable.
    Tried it with 2 different Laptops.

    How do I set the SQ-7 to a Static-Ip-Address?

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    I ´m using the Swissonic MKII, SQ5 and an Ipad. All devices are running each on the latest firmware and Mixpad App. Never had an issue with a connection loss. I use 5Ghz Network with a fix to channel 48 . I guess that some chipset (firmwares) do not „like“ each other

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    I turned off DHCP and set the Mixer to Static IP address. This seems to have resolved the issue.

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