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    The MIDI Spec states:
    “An external controller such as an iPad running the Qu-Pad app can use MIDI Sysex messages to request and receive the current parameter state of the Qu mixer.”

    Is it possible that Sysex messages are only sent/received on the TCP/IP Port and not on the USB-B port? Or, is the same MIDI data sent and received on both?

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Martin,

    our Software Engineers confirmed this is the case.

    Sysex was implemented specifically for the iPad app, and never ported to USB.

    I will make this clear in the next update of the MIDI Specs.

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    Thank you Nicola!
    That explains a lot!

    I thought I was losing my mind. It dawned on me just before I wrote the post so I haven’t tried it yet. I’m off to a festival now so I won’t have a chance to try it until Tuesday of next week.

    Of course, I would prefer that your engineers implement it on the USB Port if possible. That way, I wouldn’t have to give up using the iPad App in order to use my editor. But I imagine they have more important things to do.

    Thanks Again,

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    I see where your going about wanting this on the USB…

    But, not to beat a dead horse, but isn’t just getting multiple streams on tcp/ip what really just needs to be done…

    I’ve read through your app info and other things and see that the app has a very real need on its own rite…

    But, allowing multiple streams to devices is what just needs to be done…and it would help out on ther issues as I’m sure everyone is aware…

    Lastly, I’d be curious to know on the USB b port how much available bandwidth is left after a 32×32 audio stream…I’d be weary of adding any more overhead to the overall pipe…wouldn’t want to start dropping packets…

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    You are right. Multiple streams via TCP/IP would solve the problem too but it also requires additional drivers. Allen & Heath has their own reasons to restrict the network port and that is their business.

    You have a valid point about the USB recording packets but it wouldn’t be an issue the way I envision using the program.
    Here is how I see it:
    When you load my program, it would load a default scene. (You would have control over just what constitutes your default settings but that’s not important now.)
    You would have the choice of loading all the current settings from the mixer or loading them from a file, or simply editing the current (default) settings.
    None of changes you make on the user interface would be sent to the board until you press the “Send” Button.

    So, you could setup a show without even having the mixer hooked up. Or, you could setup a second band while the first band is still on stage. It’s not meant to control the mixer live, so you really wouldn’t be recording when you click the send button.

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    That’s cool, your holding the data till you decide to commit it to the console…

    I’m actually an automation programmer currently mostly crestron…

    So, I’m always dealing in real time and so that is my thought unless I see it’s a batch/commit type of a setup…

    Not sure how your holding data and such and if your going tout in some form of file control into it…

    Right now you get 100 “shows” on the board…and you can dump/upload an entire new config for another 100 each time iirc…so in essence unlimited…but not real bullet proof and easy…

    If, once you get the program doing everything including names and everything…

    It would be awsome to have the “shows” or config in a nice data structure for easy recal…

    I run several outboard pcs on my mixing desk…so having that would be great…and I see that there would be others in a small studio that may like/need this too…

    FYI, my private studio is where the qu I going..qu-32 just waiting on arrival..just about 1000 square feet…24×10 stage on one end with 24×6 built in snakes…and stepped seating for use on demos with bands and I also use the room for a movie theater as well as live…running 9 QSC k series for mains…2 ksubs…and k10’s for stage monitors

    Currently running a Yamaha 32 channel board…and have several audio interfaces…but needed more channels, and more daw control, total recall etc…

    This is just a practice/scratch track/live room exclusively…and the tracks are used to capture the dynamic feel of the sessions to keep it real and live sound, even though most tracks end up getting dubbed over…

    Anyhow, I’m looking forward to the board arriving and patching it in, I can see a real need to go beyond the ah internal 100 config…

    I currently have about a dozen acts I work/produce and they all have a fairly wide array of songs/setup…

    My original plan was a USB key for each act…albeit not great I think it will work…just having to swap them and whatnot is just a pain…inevitably there will be the misplaced USB stick, inadvertently storing one act’s scene on another’s…etc

    Now, jump on my pc that is used for sequencing dmx lighting and programming the EC dc-one’s for the room eq, delays, breakout, etc…would be perfect…

    Open up your program, browse to the current act (folder) pick the song/performance and load it in…

    Now, I’m hoping you’d be able to save current config…but if not its still usable…just have to replicate changes off line and resale the show…

    Let me know what your thoughts are, as I see this as a nice feature/add on package…

    Even adding into the up/download he full user library would be totally trick…

    This board does have a split personality
    one being live, no need for a pc, and quick setup via dsnake and powerful for shows
    Two being installed/studio (albeit not for production) space using the USB audio nterface, daw control, automation, via protools or in my case I use audition for editing…I don’t like virt instruments an if needed I have other systems for that…I like to keep things separate…

    Recording for production I have other spaces…one neve…and another ssl 4056G+ with konecktor…

    I do see this becoming for studio use a very handy and whial not essential will streamline the workflow…

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