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    I have a question about backup firmware on SQ. According to documentation when an update is applied to SQ only currently booted firmware is updated. Backup firmware stays untouched (and it is a good thing). However after primary OS is booted, tested and verified I’d like to be able to deliberately boot into second firmware and update is as well. Last thing I’d like to experience before a gig is to notice that my SQ booted to some very old version which might not support my hardware / has bugs. Is it possible to force boot into second firmware? Or should I always carry a PenDrive with me with latest firmware?


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    KeithJ A&H


    I presume you are referring to this note in the release notes?

    The SQ has a main image and back-up image for stability and redundancy. If an update has
    been carried out, and the SQ boots into an older firmware, the update should be carried out
    again to ensure both images are running the same version.

    This is only relevant if the SQ boots into older firmware.
    With a normal firmware update, both images are updated by default 🙂


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    awesome, thank you, Keith!


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