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    is there any possibillity to change the standard USB Stereo channels for record? Of course i can patch the USB channel to any source, but is it always USB channel 1/2 in stereo record?

    For me it will be perfect to assign always channel 1-24 for multitrack recordiung and define the stereo record tracks to 31/32 for example.

    Sorry for my englis;-)

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    Andre S

    Hi Tino,

    I make the assumption you are using an AR2412 stagebox (because you talk about 24channels):
    You could assign Tielines->Slink to USB 1-24.
    Then go to outputs->MixOut and assign MainLR (or any other stereo group) to USB 31/32.

    This way you record the individual channels and the stereo sum of your mix. Is this what you are looking for?


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    Good Morning,

    Thanks dir your answer. I dont use any Kind of stageboxes. I only Look for a possibility to define the USB stereo record Channels. In my opinion it‘s always the USB 1/2. But you Talk about 31/32?

    For example: 1 Song i will record with 24 Tracks on USB for preproduction , next Song i want record only the LR Sum for a Demo. Now the SQ record in stereo Mode the USB 1/2 , but in this case the Kick IN / Kick OUT is routed to USB 1/2, so i have to change the routing everytime. If there is any possibility to define which Signal the stereo Channels record, i can always set the USB 31/32 to Main.

    I Hope i couldt explain what i mean 🙈

    Thanks Timo

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Timo,

    No – USB channels 1&2 are ‘hardwired’ to SQ-Drive stereo record/playback. In the same way that USB channels 1-32 are ‘hardwired’ to SQ-Drive multitrack record/playback.

    Using scene recalls with per-scene recall filters would allow you to change just the patching very quickly (you could even set a couple of Soft Keys for scene recalls) but if using SQ-Drive for different purposes you will need to adjust the patching to suit somehow.


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    Hey Keith,

    than that is definetly a future suggestion 😉 So it would be more flexible during recordings.

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