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    I do understand the difference between a DCA and a Group, so no need to explain that. I realize that the signals controlled by a DCA never actually go “through” the DCA (there is no combining amplifier). I get that. However, when I mix with Groups on a traditional analog console, I can see at a glance how much overall energy there is in my Low Drums group, my High Drums group, by BG VOX group, and so on.

    I would be really nice to have the DCA meters illuminated with the level of the signal they are controlling. That way, when I am mixing and I have am on a bank/layer with my DCAs showing, I can tell the relative volume of each DCA.

    Here is an example. I am mixing and I am looking at my DCA group. All of a sudden, I hear surging bass that I cannot easily identify. Is it the bass guitar? Is it one of the keyboardist’s left hands? Is it a Tom? I would like to at a glance be able to see what is being controlled by each DCA on the meter.

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    1. LED ladders on each channel strip
    2. Red “peak LED” on each layer
    3. Meters screens for all inputs, outputs, etc.

    -Tim T

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    The DCA LED meters were active on early iLive firmware versions but were removed due to some users requests (and confusion) – Personally I preferred when the DCA meters were active as they gave a good visual indication of the channels being controlled and helped with assignment confirmation/errors etc. A user option to have them active would be nice! That way you can turn them off for guest engineers etc to avoid confusion. As audio does not flow through a DCA metering wasn’t possible in analogue days – but it IS possible with digital mixers so why not??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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