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    Hello everyone, newbie. Be gentle.

    I am using my QU-16 happily with logic X, great in so many ways, truly great bit of kit.

    However! I am struggling to do something quite particular, which I cannot find anything about online.

    I have mapped my custom layer to control several DCA’s, particular channels, and fx returns to mix with (DCA 1 – drums, a bass channel fader, stereo channels from logic)

    This made my custom layer unable to be a midi controller or midi controlled.. (Allegedly).

    What I would like to able to do is record my fader changes (that are assigned to QU-16 channels) into Logic onto blank midi channels as automation, and then have them play back onto my custom layer.

    So I can control the channel strip faders, DCA’s and fx returns in the QU-16 from logic without setting the channels as midi only.

    Looking at Logic I am still getting messages from the faders when I move them on the custom layer, but it doesn’t like assigning them as faders on midi channels. I have (briefly) investigated NRPN control, but don’t know to get Logic to interpret BN,63,CH etc.. to anything useful. Plus I have no experience of how to interpret NRPN.

    I am sure this has been considered, so feel free to re-direct me or suggest something I could be doing differently.



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    read the logic manual about automation

    it’s all done with logic

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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