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    It would be helpful if the current scene was displayed on the main screen rather having to select scene tap to see current scene. Kinda like the current mix icon in upper right hand side of screen.

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    Tatsuya Nakamura

    I too would like to see the current scene name and number displayed at all times.

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    Totally agree, when you work with at least 30 scenes for theatre and live music shows and you need your 2 screens.
    You need to have the scene you are playing and the next scene you will play with the name on the side of the screen and not only a number when you load your scene.

    Thank you

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    I can’t believe we are asking for such a basic, yet critical, feature. I create a fake channel with a “scene” name, as a work around.
    I also have inexpensive Midas boards as well as Yamaha sound consoles that display the scene name in plain sight.

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    Most of my theater shows have over 200 plus scenes and we have to dedicate an entire screen to the scene page because of this.

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    OMG – This really needs to sorted ASAP for the Avantis to be a serious contender for theatre!

    We are a 400 seat theatre venue with an aging Yamaha M7CL which we are in the process of replacing with an Avantis.
    I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the Scene Recall simply flashes up the scene number on recall. NOT EVEN THE SCENE TITLE! – So disappointing.
    Even my Behringer X32 shows the current scene!

    Please, please, please sort this out!!!
    The theatre community would be so grateful!

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    Hello, I am so surprised we need to request it, it is a minimum for a mixer medium size.

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    +1 And it would be nice to have the name of the scene displayed, not just scene1, scene2, etc.
    With 50 scenes on a show, I don’t see how to get by without having this information displayed permanently.

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    The Scene Name is show in the GLD. But not in Avantis. For Theatre is this an important Information. The Information is for controlling. To select the wrong Szene Live, shouldn‘t happened. I wish the information for the custom control App too. The developing for the App was building management. I‘ve the Problem with the Softkey information. The App can give information t he Avantis. But it is necessary, this information to read out from the Avantis. For example Softkey 1 Next Scene an Showing the Name of the Scene. So I have with the App a Free configuration tool an use for live as an third screen. Perhaps mixing Station App, can solve this problem. I you can see here the Scene surface.

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    Here the screenshot from Mixin station App.

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