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    Hey folks!

    So I’m mixing a small event in a peripheral space this evening, using my laptop and Director. We’re still on Firmware 1.4/director 1.4, as I’m waiting for the bugs to be ironed out in the scene management before moving on to 1.5. The peripheral space, “connection center,” is a stereo aux bus that is a post-fader send from input channels etc.

    I’ve got cross-fades of various length for each scene in this show: A Few songs, ipod on/off, speaker mic on/off. – all arranged in a cue list.

    I’m noticing though, that when I recall the scenes, there is zero crossfade. None, not even a little bit. The audio simply jumps immediately.

    It was most noticeable when I went to do a nice 7s fade on the ipod and it immediately went to nothing. Any thoughts on why this might be happening? I definitely need cross-fades for this type of scenario in a sub-mix. (Using a group is insufficient, as I need to be able to balance acoustic irregularities in the main space in the peripheral mixes. IE amp/drum volumes.)

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!

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    UPDATE! It is *definitely* an issue with dLive Director. I tried connecting both to the Mixrack alone, and to “Surface and Mixrack,” both gave the same result: NO crossfade, even though crossfade was stated to be at a long interval. I tried recalling THOSE SAME SCENES I had edited in director FROM the c2500 surface and voila: crossfades for every scene. …So software bug? Or am I missing something?


    Bueller… Bueller???

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    Hi @richardbarley

    Apologies this one slipped through the net! This is infact a known bug.

    Thanks for letting us know,



    No worries. Thanks for the update! Is it being addressed in 1.5ish? (I still haven’t updated bc of multiple reports of slowness.)

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    I think it’s not adressed in 1.5, will check later…


    Just updated to 1.51! …aaaand nope, not fixed yet. 🙁

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