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    Im new to the Qu-pac I use it pretty much as a zone mixer and saving different scenes for different areas as dinnerhall, bar and so on.
    The output level on the different zones varies between the scenes.

    I use the softkeys for recalling the scenes.

    Now I also want softkeys for changing the input channel pc, cd-player, iphone etc. to the zones without effecting the output levels in the other scenes.

    One way is to create mute channel soft keys so I can mute all the inputs seperatly except the input I need to use for the moment.

    Is there a way to make a scene for each input and assign it to a softkey so that when i press that softkey it chaneges the input on the currently playing scene without changing output level etc?

    In the qucontrol app is function for making a button put on and off input channels. Is there a way to make this as a sofkeybutton since I want all functions on softkeybuttons directly on the physical qu-pac?

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    You can have Q Control on the screen of the Qu-Pac.

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    Mike C

    I have used a QU Pac as you are doing both in installations and for one off production jobs.

    That said I had kind of a hard time following along with what issues your having or what want it to do.

    Q Control is your friend for an installation where people just need to adjust levels, recall scenes ect. from the front panel on their phone.

    If you change the levels and save it as a new scene recalling that scene will
    change the levels.

    You could apply “Safes” or “Blocks” with in a scene so level changes do not follow the scene recall.

    If you want to independently control input channel levels between multiple zones you will need to use the mix outs to feed the zones and have those mixes set to prefade.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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