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    Stepping out my comfort zone I’ve been tasked to run audio for a show with the SQ-5 without good prior time with this board.

    What are some way’s or best practice for 20 push to talk mics for 2 speakers while feeding out to a live stream.

    A fast way I would do this is send everything to my LR and ring out the room with the GEQ if I don’t have enough time. Then send my live stream audio feed to Zoom on Mix 1 and call it done but I know this isn’t the best way.

    Open to all suggestions as this is newer to me.

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    Use the Automatic Mic Mixer (AMM) – setup either in the SetUp or Utilities screen. Send each of the 20 PTT mics there. If you haven’t used any sort of Dugan Auto Mixer, this is a very good one and the perfect time to use it. Using it will help greatly with the Gain Before Feedback, although if these PTT mics don’t latch open and are really set for PTT only then that would minimize GBF too.
    Yes, sending the livestream via Mix 1 is the way to go. Make sure you’re sending all the inputs Post Fader. Also, the SQ (like the QU) runs outputs a little quiet. Check your metering on the Mix 1 output – you might have to push the Mix 1 Master fader up an additional 5db or 10db to get a really good level to the livestream. Find out if the livestream wants to be stereo or mono. If Stereo, you will have to pair Aux 1 and 2 stereo – done in the SetUp screen under Mix Config. (If I get the screen names wrong I’m sure someone will correct me – I’m doing this from memory and don’t have an SQ handy while writing this.)

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    I would ensure there is at least one mic that is open and not all push to talk. This is because there is going to be an audible difference between having all the mics muted (because none of them are being pressed to talk) and having the room noise come through the mic when one is pressed to talk. You’ll want one mic that allows that “room noise” to come through the system even when no one is speaking or pressing a mic to open it.

    This will work great with the AMM system. Just make the “room mic” have a high priority so that it stays open when all the other mics are muted.

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    Mike C

    Try using the PEQ for the room EQ.

    The AMM function works great, though I have never used it with PTT mics, will multiple people be talking at the same time?
    Is there someone or a couple people who are moderating the event, asking questions ect to the panel of the 20 people?

    Will this a one way outgoing only live stream or will people watching be responding via audio with questions?

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