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    Ok, so I bought an IP8 to my S3000 to be able to handle more channel faders when needed.
    Well, there are several limitations to find it useable, some you can program scenes to work around, some you cannot, or it’s heavy programming involved which takes a day or more to do.

    I thought I atleast could use it for Aux masters. But.. Since I tend to use the console where many IEM systems are involved, I need to be able to do a master IEM mix with pans and levels, which I copy to the rest and make personal adjustments to it.

    But, the copy + paste functions does not extend to what is adressed in the IP8.
    Working many monitor mixes, this is essential. There is no time to do this manual one mix at a time.

    So please, mix follows PAFL + copy functions in the IP8 as on the surface. Those functions would help ALOT..

    As it is now, I can only use it for FX sends, it’s the only good use I can find for it.

    I understand it’s a good controller for fixed functions in installs. But as a sidecart for live mixing, we do need its functions and faders to behave as a true surface extension.

    Will this be possible in the future?

    Cheers //Gustav

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    I also use the IP8 with a S3000.
    I usually use the IP8 module for drum channels, mix-sends or subgroups.
    an improvement of the function for AUX-sends would also be in my interest.

    which I think is also good, if you could use the spill-features of the DCA-groups with the IP8! ; -)

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