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    Hi, is it possible to control plugin parameters from MIDI? I’d like to automate Echo plugin parameters in one of our songs which requires:

    • increasing send to FX for one of mics,
    • after a second or so send would be turned down,
    • at the same time, low pass filter would be closed slowly on Echo.

    In other words I want to capture last word of one verse and echo it in such a way that each next repeat is quieter and darker.
    Automation would be orchestrated from Logic Pro. Possible?

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    KeithJ A&H


    The SQ MIDI Protocol document can be found here –

    You’ll notice that control options for the mixer include mutes, assignments (to mixes), send levels (all inputs to all outputs), panning/balance and SoftKeys.
    There is no control of parameters other than through the SoftKeys, as anything that can be assigned to a SoftKey can be controlled ‘by proxy’.

    The messages used are NRPN, which you can automate using Logic, but it may be easier to send CC messages to something like Bome’s MIDI Translator ( ) which can then send the correct NRPN messages onto the mixer.

    If you need a hand with this, please contact us using

    One other thing I’d note is that with either the stereo tap delay or bucket brigade delays, ‘darkening’ the repeats is controlled by the feedback filter (and the echo is already pretty dark, being a model of a tape delay!)


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    Thank you Keith. I’ll experiment with Tap Delay / Bucket Brigade delays first. That would be definitely simpler than automation of NRPNs.

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